Puraform Lands at LaFinca in Allen, TX

Puraform drinkware is a huge hit at LaFinca Chiquita, a small Tex-Mex restaurant in Allen, TX.

We’ve promoted Puraform drinkware a few times here as well as our other social media outlets, so you know that these glasses have unbreakable style, are dishwasher safe, and are BPA free by now.

What you don’t know, is that a local Mexican restaurant in Allen, TX has introduced Puraform drinkware to their customers and their customers are trying to buy them!

La Finca Chiquita not only makes great Tex-Mex (you’ve GOT to try the green avocado dip), but thrives in a very unforgiving foodie community.

Chips and Dip

Our design department actually had to create small cards for La Finca to give to customers interested in buying their dinner glass. If we hadn’t, La Finca would soon struggle to finish dinner service! This is what we call a”great problem.”

Just one more story of the unbreakable style of Puraform, we are thankful for restaurants like La Finca Chiquita who put our products to use!

Order retail at www.PURAFORMUSA.com and wholesale at www.HUANGACRYLIC.com today!

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