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Improving Customer Service Builds Trust

Customer service is an authoritative way to build trust between your brand and your customers.

It ensures that customers know that they are important to you, and not just a means to make you rich. The small business cannot afford to miss it on this principle, so here are three ways your company of 4 or 400 can build trust through quality customer service.

Improve Customer Service by Defining Your Values

At Huang Acrylic, we strive to be Thankful, Professional, Helpful, and Clear. These are our customer service values. We are thankful because we know that without our customers, we wouldn’t have a business. We are professional because it communicates quality of product as well as company health. We are helpful because our customer is the hero of the story, not us. We are clear because we know that customers are busy and don’t have time to decipher our messages about our products.

Knowing these values helps us to serve our customers quickly and efficiently. We believe these are universal for any company.

Improve Customer Service by Training Employees

Helping your employees handle various situations gives them the ability to do their jobs with confidence and professionalism. Provide a written script for the most common complaints and train in your meetings by hosting mock conversations so that everyone is on the same page.

It also helps if everyone knows the latest promotions and understands the products. Regular training on these things may seem repetitive, but repetition helps the human brain retain information.

Improve Customer Service by Adopting a Tone of Kindness

“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” – Damon Richards

Regardless of how nasty a customer can get on the phone, customer service reps cannot engage in a hostile or accusatory tone. Human beings mirror each others emotions and will usually give back the attitude they are given. For instance, a hostile customer might calm down if your rep remains calm. Likewise, responding to a hostile customer with anger will only escalate the situation.

It is best to adopt the concept of Kindness, because it embodies all of the values most companies should stand for. Kindness keeps our voice down and the passive aggressive remarks from happening. Treating others the way we want to be treated is a universal principle.

Customer Service can make or break a company with a solid product. Is your department up to speed? If you regularly receive complaints from customers or lose business because a representative was rude, you may want to address this issue in your company.

Build the structure now, regardless of size, so that when you grow, these principles are already in place. What else would you say makes a great customer service experience?


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