5 patriotic snacks for election day

5 Snacks to Lift your Spirits on Election Day

We know, Election Day┬áis kind of a big day, even if your candidate doesn’t win. However, this year, since the election is such a tough one for everyone, we thought everyone could use a pick-me-up to lift your patriotic spirits!

On our Pinterest page, we’ve linked to a few patriotic desserts and sweets in observance of this election day. We have grabbed the top 5 from our pin board of patriotic snacks for your election-watching party tonight!

Click the images to go to the recipe page! So, in no particular order…

Election Day Flag Dessert

patriotic flag cake

Election Day Jell-O Firecrackers


Patriotic Punch


Election Day “That’s a whole Lotta Whoopie” Pies


Bi-Partisan Puppy Chow


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